June Sees

June Sees Wedding Invitation

June Chanpoomidole is a freelance illustrator who uses a lot of complimentary colour schemes and acrylic paints, having found a love for painting while studying at the University of Westminster.

As you can guess from her long surname, her origins lie in the exotic farms of Thailand but now lives in a quaint village in Greater London. For the sake of pronunciation; she is also called June Sees.

Whether editorial, fashion or narrative illustration, her work is instantly recognisable with its beautiful figures, strong haze of colours and the atmospheric, emotive tug of her pictures.

Currently working on a painted graphic novel project, featuring horses and tackling subject of reincarnation in stunningly rich colour.

June has exhibited this year with a troupe of illustrators, as part of a Summer Illustration Spectacular “The Picture Show” at the Coningsby Gallery. Which has been featured in Association of Illustrators, Design Week and Computer Arts.

Her work has been featured in:

Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration

LA Fashion Snob

Sketchbook Magazine

Ballad of

Flamingo Magazine

Check out her website: www.junesees.com

Blog: junesees.wordpress.com

Facebook: June Sees: Illustration and Design

Twitter:  Junesees

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